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We are “The Shape of Water”, the biggest, most-in-demand, award-winning Pool Contractors Weston.
We didn’t become one of the best swimming pool companies in Weston by chance. It took us more than 4 decades to claim the title. In this wonderful time, we amassed thousands of loyal clients and redefined the swimming pool construction industry in South Florida.
From residential pools to luxury, large commercial pools, we do it all.
Tired of your boring home front? Don’t worry, we will make your home a summer friendly destination with a nice, cozy, shining aquamarine pool.
And, a pool is not just a pool.
It’s a space to unwind, let your thoughts run wild and re-compose your mind.
We design pools keeping in mind that it should rejuvenate not just your home and space but also your soul.

Pool Remodeling Weston

What do we do?

Take a look at the different swimming pool service we offer:

Swimming Pool Construction

We cater to both residential as well as commercial requirements and design exceptional swimming pools.
You can choose from different styles of pools from our range of personalized modern designs.
You can also consult with our Pool Builders Weston specialists depending on your space, requirements, budget and aesthetic preferences.

We have made more than 50,000 pools in South Florida and a massive part of our client base is from Weston.
We believe in bringing your imagination to life and shy away from nothing. So, whatever style of residential or commercial pool you have in mind, let us know and we will give you exactly what you asked for.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Weston

A lot of swimming pool owners can’t tell the difference between resurfacing and maintenance.
But don’t worry. We will help you understand what is it that your swimming pool needs, resurfacing or maintenance.
As experts, our advice is simple. Why wait for the calamity to show up and strike you when you can prepare ahead and not let a surprise attack damage you?
In simpler words, don’t wait for your swimming pool to show signs of damage calling for resurfacing. Get your swimming pool treated and fixed before it needs fixing.
Normally, we recommend resurfacing for cement pools every 3-7 years but fibreglass pools last quite long and you may not need to invest in resurfacing for as long as 15 years.
Whenever you spot signs of damage or neglect in your pool, give us a call and we will resurface your pool right away.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Weston

While designing, constructing and remodelling pools, we educate our clients regarding minimal and necessary swimming pool maintenance depending on the pool usage and environment.
However, we have noticed that most commercial pool owners seldom find the time to maintain their pools. We have also catered to numerous residential pool owners and helped them lengthen the lifespan of their pools with proper maintenance.
We understand that it may be hard for you to follow a DIY approach to chlorinating, shocking, cleaning the pool so we will do it for you.
Whether you need pool maintenance frequently or only a few times a year, we will be happy to accommodate your needs into our routine.

Pool Remodeling Weston

No pools are ugly but with time, they grow outdated.
We fix your old pools, remodel them to fit the modern look and design beautiful pools for you.
In the last four decades, we have remodeled more than 43500 pools in all of South Florida. In Weston alone, we have remodeled more than 20000 pools and a large percentage of our construction clients retain us for resurfacing and remodeling.
In fact, we still cater to the clients who got their pools constructed and installed by us over two decades back.

Backyard Makeover Weston

Backyards often go ignored. Your backyard deserves better than your dog’s morning and evening nuggets of poop.
How about a compact pool or some creative makeover?
We offer bespoke backyard makeover services and design a beautiful backyard retreat that will make you want to show off your place.

From prepping the space to new installations, we do it all. No wonder we are listed top among the best pool companies in Weston.

And, if you are worried that our specialists might mess it up, you can talk to them, have a detailed discussion on what you have in mind and what exactly do you want your backyard to look like.

Want a swimming pool designed/installed? Give our specialists a call.