Commercial Pool Contractors Wellington

Touted among the Best Pool Companies in Wellington and the recipient of more than 26 awards for exceptional urban and functional pool construction, the Shape of Water has served more than 50000 clients across South Florida.
Over 12000 of these clients were from Wellington where we have indeed become a favourite among the residents.
We are residential as well as Commercial Poor Contractor Wellington and offer sophisticated pool designs and neat installation with resurfacing and remodelling services for economical rates.
A lot of people get pools to make the best summer memories while some get pools for enhancing their property’s valuation.
Whatever your reason is, we will design and make the perfect residential or commercial pool for you. No matter how many people you plan on making swim in the pool, we will give you the perfect option and design within your budget.
From the colour, a theme to materials, you can have every aspect of the pools personalized.

What can we do for you?

From transforming backyards to designing ultra-modern and sophisticated residential and commercial swimming pools, we do everything swimming pool related.
Whether you need a new swimming pool installed or an old pool remodelled, we will do it without burning a hole in your pocket.

Pool Remodeling Weston

Take a look at our detailed services:

Backyard Makeover Wellington

Bored of your regular backyard? Why subject it to your dog’s dump when you can make it a nice, cozy retreat for weekends and summer evenings?
We transform backyards with our wonderful makeovers that not only give you peaceful space to unwind in your home but also improve your home’s valuation.
A wonderful backyard can also serve as the perfect place for rendezvous and coffee with friends or neighbours.
There’s no end to the possible uses of a beautiful backyard and we promise you that you will appreciate every penny spent into the backyard makeover by the time we are done with your backyard.

Pool Construction

We are among the best swimming pool companies in Wellington and have catered to more than 26000 referred clients.
Every year, we build thousands of swimming pools from scratch and not once have we received a complaint.
We are regularly touted among the number one Pool Builders Wellington Companies and our exceptional work validates our claims too.
From designing, preparing to Swimming Pool Installation, maintenance resurfacing, we handle every aspect of the pool construction and management.
And, we don’t just build pools; We bring dreams to life.
Whatever style of pool you can imagine, we will create it and make it 100 times
Our pools are advanced, easy to maintain-clean and highly modern.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Wellington

Is your pool getting older? Don’t worry. A session of resurfacing will make it good as new.

With regular exposure, swimming pools too grow obsolete and need some servicing on specific parts such as the surface.
Our resurfacing services help you keep your swimming pool clean, healthy and functional for a long term. And, it doesn’t cost a fortune either.

Pool Remodeling Wellington

Got an old pool that’s giving out signs of ageing? Or perhaps, your fancy pool from the early 80s doesn’t look as fancy and appearing anymore.
Don’t worry. We offer what you need: Pool Remodeling Wellington Services on a budget.
However old your pool is, we will fix it, remodel it and make it fully functional, technically sound and modern with pleasing aesthetics.

We Design Stellar Pools

Any run of the mill pool contractor can design and install a new pool or remodel and resurface an old one.
But that’s not who we are.
There’s nothing ordinary about what we do and how we do it.
We are the best Pool Contractors Wellington with over 40 years of experience. What has helped us survive and thrive in all this time is our ability to adapt and understand the changing industry, introduce modern and innovative pool styles, design and technology to customers and offer value for money services.
We take immense pride in stating that we have indeed made a name designing the best, stellar pools in South Florida.
Whatever style of pool you want, we'll make it for you and promise that you will fall in love with your new pool.
Want to know more? Call our specialists for a discussion now!