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The Shape of Water first kicked off operations in 1975 and since then, there has been no looking back.
In the last 42 years, the Shape of Water has designed hundreds of commercial pools for people throughout South Florida.
It wasn’t luck that helped us become one of the best Pool Maintenance Companies in Miami but our sheer dedication to the craft and in-depth understanding of what people expect from their pools and the companies who design and fix them.
When we started, a lot of our competitors weren’t very big on technique. We noticed that while people were still getting pools designed and installed, the pool construction industry could deliver better.
Moreover, it was a question of not just technique but also aesthetics.
Back in the late 70s, the idea of pool construction wasn’t very new. But it hadn’t been explored very well either.
A lot of contractors were still installing the same pool designs from the 50s. We saw a scope for innovation and redefined the pool industry in South Florida.
We are among the leading swimming pool builders in Miami.
In Miami alone, we have constructed and remodelled more than 5436 pools!
Being the most referred pool companies in Miami, we take our construction, installation, remodelling and resurfacing responsibilities very seriously.

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What makes us the best Pool Builders Miami?

What we offer is a unique blend of comfort, luxury and style. And, no you don’t need to spend a fortune on a swimming pool. We offer you leisure at your own price.
Our ability to deliver exactly what people need without costing them thousands of dollars is what has been keeping us in demand.
In the last 42 years, we have learnt that people covet quality above all.
A pool isn’t just for the summer. It’s an investment that you profit from your
entire life.
Whether it’s a commercial swimming pool you are running in Miami or want to get your own personal pool designed to conduct swimming coaching, we will do it for you.
We are among the most cited and award-winning Swimming Pool Builders in Miami and we don’t just talk the talk. We actually deliver exactly what we promise.

In fact, our clients often tell us that our end project often surpasses the mockup expectations.
1. We give you what you need in your budget.
2. Our designs are not just modern but also backed by experience.
3. We have won more than 26 awards and are noted #1 pool contractor in Miami.
4. We are exceptionally fast and also detail-oriented.
5. We personalize everything about your pool.

In the last four decades, we have never had a client complain to us about our pools and we have received housands of clients through references in Miami alone!
It’s not the number of pools that our swimming pool company has installed and remodelled that makes us so confident but our conviction, our loyal clients and their thousands of references.

Moreover, we personalize the entire design, process and keep you in the loop regarding what materials should be used. We go forward with installation and finishing only once we have confirmation regarding your most trivial pool-relevant preferences.

What’s in it for you?

A pool and lifetime of leisure.

The pools we design are not just any pool. We put years of experience, aesthetics, comfort and luxury into it.
Our pools are a fine balance of unique style and modern luxury. We design both residential and commercial pools and bring your imagination to life.
Take a look at the most sought-after services that our Pool Construction Miami company offers:
1. Backyard Makeover Miami
Whatever changes you need in your house’s backyard, we will make them complete with the props of your choice. We will also design a swimming pool in your backyard depending on your requirement.
2. Swimming Pool Installation
Our team is available for quick installations and post-installation servicing. We offer end-to-end swimming pool installation and construction service for all types of residential and commercial spaces.
3. Swimming Pool Resurfacing Miami
Swimming pools need maintenance too. Through our resurfacing and pool remodelling Miami services, we make your swimming pools good as new and help you reap more benefits from your pool for a long term.

Want a pool but not sure what type? Give us a call and get a consultation for free.