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In the last 42 years of building amazing pools in South Florida, The Shape of Water has excelled beautifully in creating a reputation for itself as the top pool contractor South Florida.We are specialists in designing and installing a wide range of residential and commercial swimming pools in and around South Florida.

What makes our pools stand out are the state-of-the-art pool features we add to every pool.

Do you want to construct a new pool in your home?

Do you want it for your family occasions and cozy get togethers or for regular pool parties?

Are you a man of taste? If yes, you’d love having us remodel your existing pool or we can just build a new one from scratch. It won’t just look amazing but also help you quote a higher price whenever you decided to sell your place.

Whether you want your pool constructed or renovated, we do it all, from remodeling to construction.

Call The Shape of Water, the best pool builder South Florida today to your dream pool constructed by a team of brilliant minds.

Our team of expert pool designers, builders, and servicemen ensures that all of your needs are met without any embarrassing delays and in a very cost-effective manner.

We do everything with the utmost dedication as our focus is to retain as a client. This mean, we also offer the highest quality of maintenance services post the construction.

We are confident that you will enjoy our discount pools South Florida offers. Moreover, we offer a wide range of pool equipment including pool pumps, pool filters, and other construction products.With The Shape of Water working for you, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Whether it is a full installation or a pool remodel South Florida project, you can expect us to be spot-on with durable, long-lasting materials and skilled workmanship that will make your pool look spectacular for years to come.Thinking of adding a designer small pool to your home?

Contact us today for a consultation or call us to discuss your idea.As the best manufacturers of luxury pools South Florida, our team of experts will discuss the available options with you, arriving at a pool design as well as a pool building process that we can both agree on.

We keep you in the loop and only move ahead with the planning once we have got the project proposal greenlit from you. We give our clients full freedom to choose every little aspect of the project like pool tiles South Florida, etc.

The fact that we let you customise your project as much as you want is what makes us the top choice of South Florida residents for pool construction and remodeling.

We let our customers decide every facet of the process.Moreover, we give our clients full creative control.We use high-end software and produce realistic mockups that help customers see what their pools would look like through design simulations. We consider our client’s opinion before making any big decisions regarding the construction and remodeling.

For instance, a close look at the design of the pool may make you go for a diamond brite South Florida finish. Several times, these ideas don’t flow inside the clients’ mind during the initial process. As we offer more inputs and variety of designs to the clients, we receive more insights and suggestions too.

No matter what pool design you like or how you want to customize it, we will get it done for you fast and cost-effectively.Dedication to high-quality pool construction services at industry best prices is what makes The Shape of Water the most reputed builders of designer small pools in South Florida.

The Shape of Water is also a specialist in providing exemplary services related to pool repairs South Florida. No matter what time it is, our team will be ready to take your call 24 hours a day.We will be at your doorstep within 24 hours and make sure that all repairs are completed on time and well within your budget. Looking for a reputed company that offers pool leaks South Florida repair services in the dead of the night?

You got it right. The Shape of Water today does.The Shape of Water is also an expert in providing pool maintenance South Florida services, as well as pool renovation and resurfacing. Is there any part of your swimming pool that you do not like and want to be removed/ replaced? You can call us and speak to our design experts who will work to bring your ideas to life.

For example, you like everything about your pool except the coping. Leave it to our design experts to replace the existing pool coping with the latest pool coping South Florida materials and designs to create a stellar look for your pool.Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!