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With over 42 years of experience in the pool building industry, The Shape of Water has steadily grown to become the best pool contractor Palm Beach. Dedicated to offering the best in terms of quality and service, The Shape of Water provides pool building and maintenance services for homeowners and commercial establishments in and around Palm Beach. At The Shape of Water, we believe in all or nothing and we never fall on the nothing scale.

We offer the best pool building, remodeling, resurfacing services in all of Palm Beach and our services are never substandard.

We are specialists in offering professional and stellar quality pool construction services as a complete package, including pool remodeling, renovation, and resurfacing services.

We are specialists in offering professional and stellar quality pool construction services as a complete package, including pool remodeling, renovation, and resurfacing services.

Combine these services with our backyard makeover service and you will see a wonderful oasis in your backyard! From simple pool designs to innovative pool ideas and custom pool designs, we have it all and can proudly state that we are the best pool builder Palm Beach.

We are certified pool constructors and ensure that we build safe and structurally sound pools that remain intact and fully functional for many years to come.

Our dedication to combining artistic touches with client wishes and needs helps us build eye-catching examples. We have built small pools Palm Beach or spa and wellness pools Palm Beach that are visually stunning, fully integrated into the surrounding environment and as per the clients’ needs. Be it appealing pool designs or quality pool equipment, The Shape of Water has just the right services and solution for your needs. We also provide state of the art pool equipment Palm Beach that comes with extended warranties, something which our competitors don’t.

It is our unwavering dedication to high-quality service combined with our confidence that makes us masters in crafting absolute masterpieces Pools Palm Beach at the industry best prices. The Shape of Water excels in pool building, as well as pool remodeling services. Do you want to keep the core of your swimming pool intact but remodel it from outside? For instance, You might want to add a diamond brite Palm Beach design to your pool? Call us today and we will have it done in no time at all. Unhappy with the pool coping Palm Beach material used in your pool? Or do you want to change the tiles for a more striking pool tiles Palm Beach design? We have the perfect solution. Our experts will visit your home for a consultation and discuss all the possible solutions based on your needs and budget. Once our suggestions and proposal have received approval, we will start working on your pool right away.

We enter the remodeling phase of the project only after gaining complete approval of the client. This lets us offer the most personalized pool construction and remodeling services for clients all of our clients. And, to get the remodeling services, you wouldn’t need to blow a fortune either.

Pool maintenance is an integral part of keeping a pool clean and functional for many years. As the leading pool maintenance Palm Beach services provider, we offer timely checkups and maintenance schedules for your pool. We do everything to keep your pool safe and our maintenance activities cover all necessary upkeep.

Need to get your swimming pool repair urgently? Don’t worry what time is it. Just give us a call. We work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our team is always available for pool issues and construction. We are Palm Beach’s most responsive and reputed pool repairs Palm Beach specialist. We waste zero time in reaching out to the clients and begin repairs immediately so they can finished asap.

Worried about a pool leak that may spoil your backyard? Rely on the best pool leaks Palm Beach specialist to handle it. We are just a call away. Whether you want a new swimming pool built from scratch, or remodel and resurface your pools, we have everything that you need. You can call us anytime and schedule an appointment with our experts who will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your pool and give you the best quote. Once we past negotiations, we will bring your dream swimming pool to life.