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Are you looking for a trustworthy and reputed pool contractor Miami? The Shape of Water is just what you need. As a specialist in pool building and maintenance services, we offer high-quality pool building and maintenance services at the industry best rates. Rated as the best pool builder in the region and with over 42 years of experience to back our expertise in the field, we are indeed the most sought-after pool builder Miami for residential as well as commercial pools. Our motto is simple: Dedication to the quality of service and 100% client satisfaction with every project.

This is what drives us to leave no stone unturned in the construction of aesthetically beautiful and fully functional pools. We make use of only the best construction materials and the latest tech equipment to build structurally sound pools to keep your loved ones entertained and safe for many years to come. As an expert in manufacturing uniquely designed large pools Miami, we remain ahead of our competitors in terms of design and safety. We use only the highest quality pool water sourced via a partnership with a chemist from Pennsylvania State University. At The Shape of Water, we understand that significant thought and planning goes into investing in a new swimming pool. It could be for you home or commercial purpose. You may want one for family and get-togethers while others may have more event-oriented reasons to get a swimming pool.

We know that it’s a big investment which is why we make it a point to give you nothing but the best in terms of construction materials, water, and a highly professional pool building team to make your dreams come to life. Searching for customizable small or medium pools Miami? Our team will sit down with you, take in your feedback, and work alongside you to transform your ideas into a pool design that will stand out for sure.

Our design team will make it a point to address all your queries, as well as attend to all requirements, before starting the project. We ensure to stay with you at every step of the way, right from choosing the basic design of the pool, materials for pool coping Miami to choosing the best pool equipment for your needs. You can rely on us to build a superior quality swimming pool for your home and any other venue. At The Shape of Water, you are the designer of your swimming pool. We give you the most creative control. We just listen to your ideas and incorporate it into the most efficient solution for your needs. We only suggest the best in pool equipment and construction materials but you make the final choice and leave everything to us.

Have a sudden doubt or question you want to ask us? Our pool builders and contractors are available to talk to you 24 hours a day and can help you with any doubts you may have. And, the best part is that you get all this and more for the best prices in the industry. And this is what makes us the most reliable source for discount pools Miami. In addition to pool building, we also offer pool remodeling and resurfacing services. Want to remodel an existing pool to resemble the more popular designs like small Pools Miami? We are just a call away!

Want to change the existing tiles to more vibrantly colored pool tiles Miami? We can get it done for you in no time at all! Want to resurface the pool with the latest in pools resurfacing materials like diamond brite Miami? You can count on us to do this and much more to transform your pool into an oasis. And, everything will be done super fast and without costing you a fortune. We are experts in pool remodel Miami services and have over 26 awards to our credit to prove our credibility and professionalism in the field. The Shape of Water also provides timely pool repair and maintenance services. Our pool maintenance Miami services are the best in the industry, with a maintenance crew at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Got some pool leaks Miami that you want to get repaired immediately? We will be at your doorstep in the shortest time possible to address your issues. We assure that when we are working on your pool, your swimming pool is in safe hands. As the most sought-after pool repairs Miami company in the region, we will have your pool in working condition without wasting even a second.

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