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The Shape of Water is a name synonymous with high-end swimming pools in Boca Raton. Serving residences and commercial establishments in and around the region for 42 years, we have over 26 awards to our credit in the industry. Over the years, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the market and continue to remain as the top rated pool contractor Boca Raton.

A swimming pool can be a significant investment for the concerned individual. Along with the construction costs, one would have to pay for pool equipment, as well as regular monthly maintenance and occasional repair services. As the most preferred Pool Builder Boca Raton, we understand this point completely, which is why we take it as our responsibility to build you a swimming pool that fits all your requirements, including your budget. Renowned for our industry best prices, we are termed as the best company for affordable pools.

The Shape of Water is dedicated to offering the highest quality service in return for the money that you invest in your swimming pool. This is why we employ only the most skilled and experienced pool contractors, builders, designers, and servicemen to help us achieve your dream. Combining innovative pool designs with state of the art pool equipment Boca Raton is our style, as we strive to build a swimming pool that is not only aesthetically beautiful but also fully functional and remains that way for many years to come. It is this dedication to service that has earned us the reputation of the most trustworthy swimming pool builder in the region.

What makes The Shape of Water standout among competitors is our customizable pool designs. At The Shape of Water, you remain the head designer of your pool. From choosing the shape and size of the pool to the pool tiles Boca Raton and other design aspects like the pool coping Boca Raton material, you are in charge of what you want. Our design experts will sit with you to plan the layout and design of your swimming pool, incorporating your ideas into our designs so that the end product is a pool that is fully customized and personalized to your liking and lifestyle. This is what makes The Shape of Water the most sought-after pool builder of specialty pools.

Suppose you don’t want a new pool? Or you already have a pool and you just want to remodel/resurface it? No worries, as we have you covered on that aspect as well. The Shape of Water is a pool remodel Boca Raton specialist who can transform an ordinary looking pool into an oasis. Here again, you are the decision maker, as we walk you through the different remodeling options you can choose from, including high-end designs. Don’t like one of our solutions? Create your own remodeling package from scratch, choosing anything from the pool equipment to diamond brite Boca Raton designs. We will get it done for you in a timely and cost-efficient manner possible.

The Shape of Water does not stop at the completion of your pool construction. We perfectly understand that the beauty of a pool lies in its timely maintenance and repair, which make it retain its beauty and functionality for many years to come. This is why we also offer a range of pool maintenance Boca Raton and repair services for our clients as per their convenience.

Call us to schedule regular maintenance checkups as per your convenience. Our expert servicemen will arrive at the designated time to do a complete checkup of the pool and its equipment. As part of our maintenance service, we clean the pool, fill it up with fresh water, inspect the pumps, filters, drains, ladders, and electronic equipment and ensure everything is in proper working condition before leaving.

Got a leak in the swimming pool that needs fixing immediately? Call us at any time of the day. We are available 24 hours a day and can tend to pool leaks Boca Raton or any other emergencies in the shortest time possible. As the top-rated pool repairs Boca Raton specialist, we will have your pool in working condition in no time at all.

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