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The Shape of Water has been providing stellar quality pool building services to residential and commercial establishments in and around Broward County for many years now. In addition to pool building services, we also offer pool maintenance, repair, resurfacing, and renovation services. We are experts in providing innovative design ideas for Essig pools Broward and also offer backyard renovation services, which when combined with our customizable pool designs and building solutions, transform your backyard into an oasis for sure.

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Don’t want to construct a pool from scratch? Have a pool that is in need of renovation? Call us for a consultation, we will send in an expert to talk to you about our pool remodel Broward services. We make it a point to assess the current condition of the swimming pool and its equipment before providing the best possible remodel solution for your pool based on your requirements and budget. For instance, if the swimming pool is in good condition, except for the pool tiles Broward, which need to be changed, we let you know about it instead of simply charging you a standard fee upfront.

As the top pool remodel/renovation company in Broward County, we ensure that your pool remodeling project is a great success. We are industry experts in installing Diamond Brite Broward designs for swimming pools, as well as offering a wide range of eye-catching pool coping Broward materials to make your swimming pool look spectacular. We ensure to start the remodeling phase of the project only after gaining prior approval from you, thus letting you know what you are paying for and what you will get in return.

The Shape of Water is an industry expert in pool maintenance and repair services as well. Our work does not stop with the construction of your pool alone. As ace pool maintenance Broward specialist, we go the extra mile to schedule routine pool cleaning and checking services as per your convenience in order to keep your pool clean, functional, and safe for many years.

Our experts will arrive at your doorstep in no time at all and ensure that every single part of the swimming pool is checked, cleaned, and fixed for proper use. This includes the pool structure, the water, the pool equipment Broward, and all other aspects of the swimming pool like the drains, ladders, diving boards, etc. By the end of our pool maintenance routine, you will be ensured of a pool that looks sparkly clean with all of its equipment and fittings working perfectly.

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