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Thinking of investing in a swimming pool for your home? The most important decision you need to make in this regard is choosing the right pool builder Dade for your needs. The challenge lies in finding the builder who combines creative pool designs with years of experience and the latest build techniques and technology to create an absolute masterpiece for your home. This is where the Shape of Water steps in to help you out.

As the top-rated pool contractor Dade County, we have the perfect answers and solutions for your needs. Employing skilled craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to building some of the finest pools in the country, The Shape of Water has carved a name for itself as the most sought-after source for discounted pools.

What are the necessary criteria one needs to look out for when choosing a pool builder? Let us take a quick look at these factors and how The Shape of Water satisfies all of them to become the most trusted source for creative pool designs:

Years of Experience

A swimming pool is indeed a significant investment that needs to be made after careful consideration. This is why it is imperative that you trust your hard earned money with a pool builder who has been in the pool construction industry for quite some years.

The Shape of Water has over 42 years of experience in the pool building industry. We have remained dedicated to our commitment to the business that we offer, proving our stability in the market on more than one occasion. It is this dedication to our service that has made us the preferred pool builder in the region.

Level of Expertise in the field

It is also necessary to consider the level of expertise of a company in the pool construction industry. A company can remain in the business for many years but not make any name for it. Experience combined with high level of expertise is a must when searching for a pool builder for your swimming pool.

The Shape of Water has time and again proved its expertise in the pool construction business, especially when it comes to building quality pools at competitive. Our team of pool builders, contractors, and servicemen are the best in what they do and help us retain the reputation of being one of the best pool building companies in Dade County. The 26 awards we have received in recognition for our work proves this point.

Equipment and Materials Used

Another thing one would want to look out for when choosing a pool builder who makes use of the latest pool building equipment and tools so as to finish the project in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

The Shape of Water utilizes only the best of construction materials and the latest pool equipment for swimming pools. We understand that one option does not fit all solutions. This is why we have at our disposal a range of materials and pool equipment to offer the best solution for clients according to their needs and budget. Our design experts are committed to continuing their education on the latest design trends (for instance, the latest pool coping Dade materials) and high-tech options in the pool and spa industry. Thus, we provide industry best practices that can benefit clients greatly, especially where a client wants the latest diamond brite Dade material added to the pool.

Extra Services Offered

When it comes to choosing a pool builder, you are better off choosing one who offers other services like pool repairs Dade, in addition to pool construction. This way, you can call the same company for maintenance and for pool leaks Dade that need to be fixed immediately.

The Shape of Water provides several other services, in addition to pool construction. We also offer pool remodeling services (changing just one or few aspects of the pool like the pool tiles Dade), pool maintenance services, and backyard renovation services. You can avail all of these services and more at affordable prices.

Transparent Pricing

It is vital to know that not all pools are the same. Hence, when inquiring about a quote for a swimming pool, it is wise to ask the builder to be as transparent as possible with the pricing.

The Shape of Water does not shy away from showing you the actual price of what you are ordering. With us, you can be sure that a pool construction or a pool remodel Dade project is priced fairly. We work with you to deliver the best possible solution for your pool in terms of design, equipment, and pool maintenance Dade services well within your budget. There are no hidden costs with us and you can rest assured of paying only for what you want and not for something we want you to have. Every single detail discussed with you will be drawn out on our contractual agreement so that you are well informed of what you are paying for.