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Investing in a swimming pool is a huge decision that needs to be made after careful consideration. In addition to planning out the expenses and deciding what you want in a swimming pool, you will need to get in touch with a professional pool builder Atlantis who can help you realize your dreams in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

As the top-rated pool contractor Atlantis, The Shape of Water excels in building high -quality swimming pools in and around Atlantis. We provide a range of pool construction, maintenance, and repair services for residences as well as commercial establishments in the region. We combine innovative and creative pool designs with state of the art pool equipment Atlantis, highest quality construction materials, latest build techniques, and our expertise in the field to create stellar swimming pools that remain the talk of the town for many years to come. Our dedication to service that we have achieved by offering the industry best prices has earned us the reputation of the most trustworthy builder for affordable pools in Atlantis.

The Shape of Water has over 42 years of experience in building great looking swimming pools in Atlantis. We offer customizable designs, which enable you to make changes to our existing designs to create your own pool design from scratch. Our pool design experts will sit with you and take down all of your ideas in writing. Following a home inspection, we will offer you the best possible construction/remodeling solution based on your requirements and budget. Our customizable solutions are incredibly cost-efficient and allow you to opt for creative pool designs at the industry best prices.

Creative thinking is our style, as we work with you to transform your backyard into an oasis. We have over 26 awards to our credit in designing high-end swimming pool designs and our experienced and professional team leaves no stone unturned to incorporate your ideas into the final design for a totally customized and personalized solution. Our dedication to providing the best in terms of construction materials, quality of build, pool equipment, and post-construction services remains steadfast, thus making us the preferred choice for many when it comes to building specialty pools.

Our design experts are the best at what they do and offer amicable solutions while taking into consideration your preferences, needs, and budget. We continue to expand our knowledge on pool construction and maintenance by educating ourselves about the latest design trends in pools (for instance the latest diamond brite Atlantis designs), as well as construction materials and high-tech pool equipment. This helps us to offer industry best practices for our clients at the cost that they prefer.

The Shape of Water excels in providing a range of pool maintenance Atlantis and pool repair services as well. Our experts will be quick to reach your home for an inspection before providing a proper solution to any issues you may be facing with the pool or its equipment.

Got some pool leaks Atlantis that need to be fixed immediately? Call us at any time of the day. Our pool repairs Atlantis experts will be at your doorstep ASAP to get the issue fixed and have your pool in the perfect working condition in no time at all.

We are pool remodel Atlantis experts as well and offer a range of remodeling services attuned to your monetary requirements. For instance, if you want to change the pool tiles Atlantis, we help you choose the best material for your pool and get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. Want to change the pool coping Atlantis material? We have you covered. From providing the highest quality coping materials and allowing you to choose from a wide range of exquisite patterns, we ensure to finish the project as quickly and efficiently as possible. With us, you pay for what you want and get what you pay for, meaning everything that is going to be added to the pool will be revealed upfront and discussed with you in detail beforehand. We will commence with the remodeling phase of the project only after your approval, thus ensuring that the decision you make is a well informed one.